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POST 05/216 
REF NO : SW2020/01/68
Auxiliary Services
Section: Office Service Pool
SALARY : R102 534 per annum
CENTRE : Sedibeng West District

Must have ABET/Grade 8.Have a relevant experience will be an added advantage. Knowledge and understanding of Batho Pele principles.Verbal and Written communication skills.Good interpersonal relations skill.Computer literacy.Labour Serving Devices competence is highly recommended.Ability to operate office/photocopying machines.Basic trouble shooting of the electronic machines or equipment.

DUTIES :Operate the photocopier machine.Provide counter services. Perform minor
maintenance on the photocopier machine.Report any malfunctioning of photocopier machines.Arrange for the servicing of and repair to the machines.Bind, laminate and scan the documents.Make requisition for photocopying materials.Arrange the re-ordering of copy papers, staples and toners.Update the index.Provide the management with reports on the usage of machines that will be …


Finance and Administration.
Section   :Office Service Pool 
Salary     :R145 281. per annum .
Centre    :Ekurhuleni North District. 
Ref No    :EN2020/01/64 Gauteng North District. 
Ref No    :GN2020/01/65. 

Must have ABET/Grade 10. 
Have a minimum of 7 months relevant experience in driving light cars.Knowledge and understanding of Batho Pele principles and the procedures to operate motor vehicles.Excellent verbal and written communication skills.Good inter-personal relations skills,driving skills.Valid Driver’s license is required.PDP served as added advantage.Ability to work independently and under pressure. 

Maintain a Logbook for the allocated vehicle.Complete all the required and prescribed records including log book with regards to the vehicle prior to using the allocated.Ensure trip/travel authorization for the vehicle.Keep log sheets of allocated vehicle.Transport passengers as requested by the Line Manager.Drive light and medi…